Corporate Event Catering

Hosting corporate events in Orange County? Corporate events in Orange County just aren’t the same without our catering. Orange County Catering has a great selection of Corporate Catering menu items to choose from.

We have a great selection of menu items to choose from in our corporate catering packages. No matter what meal of the day you’re looking to provide, our catering for corporate events includes breakfast, hot lunch, or cold lunch—and you are also to order desserts and beverages, too.

Whether you are looking for boxed lunches, hot or full service luncheons, team-building events, or perhaps a Grand Opening, Orange County Catering can assist you with all of your catering and event planning needs. We'll dazzle the VIPs or feed the troops and often times we're proud to do both!

Our 'Drop Off' menus include disposable plates, forks, knives, napkins and serving spoons and come in "ready to serve" containers for your "drop off or pick up" corporate catering packages. We are also proud to build beautiful buffet presentations for your Colleagues when you are looking for a little something extra, so let us provide the top-notch catering for your corporate events.

Of course, if your event requires the "full service" touch, we will be happy to discuss the details of your event and put together a comprehensive catering & event proposal. Simply give us a call!